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Kumarakom Eco-Tourism Village

Never been to Acapulco? Never mind.

Kumarakom Eco-Tourism Village - a dream offering from Rakindo is quite the idyllic ‘dreams-are-for-real’ spot that you wouldn’t want to miss. This backwater resort village is soon getting underway.

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  • Overview


    You haven’t missed much if you’ve never been to Acapulco. Except, of course, the jet lag, travel time, and big expenses!

    Rakindo, India's truly top-notchmaster planners, developers and lifestylists is launching Kumarakom Eco-Tourism Village, a backwater resort that’s set to change the face of Kumarakom, one of the Top 10 tourist destinations in the world. Rakindo will take the famous backwaters, lagoons and canals of Kumarakom, 15 km west of Kottayam in Kerala and turn it into a world-class tourist and holiday destination that offers leisure, recreation and relaxation comparable to or even better than the best in the world. Just one example of that: You could sail in from the Arabian Sea and moor your yacht right in your backyard! Exotic? Romantic? Take your pick.

    Fun, Leisure, Relaxation and Business Options
    that read like a menu card

    What exactly do you have in mind for that long-pending personal break? Or for the upcoming family holiday? Or when you want to recharge or reward the staff? Be assured, there's so much to pick from you wouldn't know where to start.


    • To capitalize on the tourism brand of Kumarakom
    • To create a world-class destination for the entire family
    • To use the theme of Farm Tourism as the core proposition
    • To achieve income, employment and economic stability in rural communities in and around the Kumarakom Panchayat

    Development Principles

    • Developed along the principles of responsible and sustainable development
    • Aim of promoting economic development of the existing populace
    • Preserving the natural and pristine quality of the environment

    Development Components

    • Farm Tourism
    • Artisan’s village, cottage industries & traditional handicrafts
    • Traditional healthcare & wellness
    • Time-share cottages, vacation homes, resort & convention center
    • Marina and water sports

    Development Concept

    • Promotion of local cottage industries, handloom, and handicrafts
    • Will be associated with organisations like Kudumbashree for cottage industries, handicrafts and farm tourism
    • Revival of art forms that are indigenous to Kerala
    • Designed and built using eco-friendly materials
    • Built along the traditional architectural style of Kerala
    • Artists and artisans live together as a community
    • Arts to be showcased to tourists on various platforms

    Project Profile

    • Total land of the project – 378 acres, which all of it will be developed under ECO-TOURISM CONCEPT.
    • 50% of the area will be ear marked to develop FARM TOURISM, construction of roads and canals and a MARINA for water sports and boating facilities
    • 50% of the land will promote Local Cottage Industries, Traditional Handicrafts, Artisans’ Village, Resort Hotel with Convention Centre, Traditional Healthcare & Medical treatment facilities, Time-share Cottages, Vacation Homes, Service Apartments and Clubhouse.

    Benefits to the community

      The proposed tourism township offers many benefits to the Village and the State.
    • Estimated investment till completion of the project to the tune of approximately Rs.2000 Crores.
    • It boosts an influx of International and Domestic tourists.
    • Increase in employment; 2500 people directly and 10,000 people indirectly.
    • Introducing new technologies and concepts in development of Agriculture and increasing revenue to local farmers.
    • Promotion of traditional and small-scale industries.
    • Revenue to the Panchayat and Govt. of Kerala
    • This will be developed as a SMART VILLAGE, under the new guidelines from the Govt. of India.

    What else is big about the Kumarakom Eco-Tourism Village?

    It’s 379 acres big, yep, gigantic, if you must; but with about 85% open space!
    So besides the fun, relaxation and revitalizing, there’s an abundance of nature too.

    Very accessible too:
    75 km from Kochi International Airport
    170 km from Kozhikode Airport
    175 km from Thiruvananthapuram International Airport
    16 km from Kottayam Railway Station
    20 km from Chertala Railway Station
    From Alappuzha, and the NH-47 connecting Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram,
    you could reach Kumarakom Eco-Tourism Village by road and water

    It's got good holiday packages:
    There are innovative, attractive tourist and holiday packages for families and groups, including corporate houses.

    What's the big deal with Kumarakom?

    It's a World Top 10 tourist destination famous for its backwater, health, and wellness tourism. But don't take our word for it. Get it from National Geographic, no less. It's close to international airports and accessible by excellent road and railway networks. Oh, and it has got the Kumarakom Eco-Tourism Village!